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This is WHY we do WHAT we do

a note of thanks from a recipient family

"The two volunteers that came to my house today just made me feel so happy and overwhelmed with love ... and that is something that you cannot just give, that's something that has to be SHOWN - and it was shown to me today." Listen to the entire message here:



"The Food Brigade has been a very big help for me and my two kids. It’s been a very hard two years financially, and very hard providing my kids enough food to eat. Since The Food Brigade, my kids and I have been able to have enough food, and nutritious food, to eat. I'm able to sleep at night because I know every week my kids will have enough food to eat." (N.Z., Saddle Brook)

"The Food Brigade comes to my home every week, and everyone is so nice. I’m a disabled senior citizen, on a fixed monthly income. My disability check pays for rent, electricity, phone, and other bills, and I have very little money left for food. The Food Brigade is an important part of my life." (G.M., Tenafly)

"I am writing on behalf of a veteran in Maywood. He is a proud man who refuses to accept any help. He either pays his bills and rent, or gets behind on his bills so he can purchase food. I reached out to the Food Brigade and explained his situation, and with them this proud American is now able to eat and pay his bills." (M.J., Bergen County)

"My children and I receive food from The Food Brigade every Wednesday. This help has kept food on the table for my children to eat every week. My youngest child has autism and it’s hard for me to find a flexible job since my child always needs me." (A.J., Garfield)

"I am a single mom, and The Food Brigade has helped me so much. I struggle to work full time due to limited ability to babysit my child. My main priority is keeping my child fed and clean. The Food Brigade had helped me with groceries when I cannot afford them, and diapers for my infant. I am very grateful for their assistance for myself and many others." (C.Y., Passaic)

"I live in a four person household where I am the only working parent. We are living paycheck to paycheck right now. My husband was injured during work and lost his job because of it. We have two small children, one with a speech impairment where we have to set time aside for him to get speech therapy for four hours a weeks. I have to work at night only, because I have a 5 month old that needs me at home because I can’t afford her to be in daycare. The Food Brigade helps my family with hot meals, diapers, and canned goods." (B.V., Teaneck)

"I am a retired disabled grandma raising four children due to the circumstances of life. The Food Brigade organization provides my family weekly food supply that assists my family and other family in need." (R.M., Teaneck)

"I am housebound and not able to go to the market. The kind people of this organization have brought me food for many months. Receiving the dinners and bag of produce has been an answer to prayers. I am so blessed to have this food assistance." (K.J., Elmwood Park)

"The Food Brigade has helped me and my family tremendously. When me and my wife both lost our jobs, with children to raise, The Food Brigade was our number one supporter and continues to support my family now that I am the only one working and going to school." (L.F., Maywood)

"I'm a senior citizen with several medical problems, which make it impossible for me to get around without assistance. I walk with a walker, I have macular degeneration (both eyes) and can't drive. The Food Brigade delivers much needed food to me weekly. I don't know how I'd be able to get decent food without their assistance and kindness." (S.M., Teaneck)

"My husband is going blind and cannot work. He was been denied disability and I support my family on my salary. Times are tough and we count on the weekly help from The Food Brigade. Food costs, gas and daily living is on a rise and buying groceries each week is becoming way too expensive for my family. If we do not receive food weekly from The Food Brigade, I will not have enough money to buy enough food to feed my family. Their help to my family is such a financial relief and they help us out more than you could ever imagine." (M.S., Oradell)

"I just want to say I am overwhelmed. What you are all doing is just amazing. The box is so fantastic and it made my heart cry with joy."

N.R., mother of school children in Bergen County

"I was teared up the entire time going through the line for box pick up. It is truly a blessed thing to see so many people pulling together. Just AMAZING."

R.D., Bergen County mother

"I'm calling you regarding the food which you delivered yesterday to my house. I'm just calling you to tell you thank you, and to express my gratefulness towards what you did for my family."

N.T., Bergen County mother

"Thank you so much. I just came home and opened the box - it's overwhelmingly generous. Thank you to all the staff."

K.H., resident of Bergen County resident

"Just a shout out...I haven't had my unemployment check in 20 weeks. Thanks to you guys, I had a delicious dinner. I have been borrowing money from my sister but you guys have taken a load off my mind. THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

M.A., Bergen County resident

"I am a single mom and me and my son appreciate your benevolence. It saves us money to pay our other needs ever since we became recipient of the food and grocery that you shared to the needy."

J.S., single mother in Bergen County

"Thank you for delivering our wonderful dinners. You are awesome and I hope you know the depth of appreciation I have for what you do."

P.C., mother in Bergen County

"My mom lives in Rockland County in Section Eight housing. She is on an extremely limited budget. The food you gave her made her happy and really helped stretch her dollars."

Anon., family member in Rockland County

"I wanted to thank you guys so much through my hard time with my family. I finally found a job. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart."

R.S., resident of Bergen County

"We cannot thank you enough for your support of our center. Your weekly donations of cases of fresh food, including dairy products, juices, fruits, vegetables, meats, and frozen foods has eased food insecurity within our community. Your donation actively works to make life better for those who are affected by domestic violence."

Center for Hope & Safety women's shelter, Rochelle Park, NJ

"You have been a great help to us during these difficult times. Every week we receive from you many boxes full of vegetables, meats, frozen items, fruits, milk and many other wonderful items that our clients wouldn't have the money to buy."

Catholic Charities of Passaic County, Father English Community Center Food Pantry, Paterson, NJ

"Very grateful for all the help and donation you have done to thousands of families in the Kearny and Harrison area."

Peruvian Civic Association of New Jersey, Kearny, NJ

"What a wonderful organization The Food Brigade is! Thank you for all that you do!"

S.R., financial donor

"I saw about your support to the Peruvian community and wanted to tell you thank you. I am a Peruvian. I did not know your organization served the Peruvian community. Let me know how I can help."

AV, Bergen County resident

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