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Register as a client to use our Online Pantry system and place orders online for pickup

The Food Brigade offers various types of free assistance to people in need in New Jersey:

  • Weekly "Client Choice" Walk-In Food Pantries [Dumont, Ridgefield, and Union City locations] - refrigerated, frozen, and non-perishable food items

  • Weekly "Virtual Pantry" with Online Ordering for Homebound Clients [Dumont location only]

  • Mixed Produce Bags/Boxes (as available)

  • Packaged Dinner Meals Program (periodic)

  • Supermarket Gift Cards Program (periodic)

  • Diapers (Infant & Adult) and Diaper Wipes (call 201-614-4414 for separate registration)

  • Period Supplies Program (call 201-614-4414 for separate registration)

  • Thanksgiving Distribution Program (November)


To qualify for assistance, you must fall within one of the following seven categories:

  1. Recipient of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  2. Recipient of SNAP/Food Stamps
  3. Recipient of SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  4. Recipient of WIC (Women, Infants and Children)
  5. Recipient of Medicaid
  6. Low Income (185% of Poverty - see below schedule)
  7. Disaster (divorce, domestic violence, unusual expense, loss of employment)

Eligibility Requirements - Low Income

Eligibility Requirements - Low Income

If you qualify, in order to receive assistance from The Food Brigade:

  1. complete and submit the Emergency Food Registration Form to receive food through the USDA's TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program);
  2. complete and submit The Food Brigade's Client Registration Form to become a client of The Food Brigade, and have a brief intake interview with one of our staff.

These forms are not available online; they are available only at one of our food distribution locations. The forms must be completed and submitted in person during our pantry hours of operation, and cannot be submitted via email or fax. There is no online registration currently available.

Do not submit either form to the USDA via its fax number or email address which appear on our registration forms. Forms are to be submitted only to The Food Brigade as set forth above.



After your intake interview and you have become a client of The Food Brigade, you will receive a Food Pantry Access Pass and may also be set up with an account in our ONLINE PANTRY system. Once you are a registered client, you will be able to participate in our food distributions by either (a) for our Dumont location, logging in and requesting food and other items through the client portal, or (b) for our Union City and Ridgefield locations, walking in during regular hours of operation and presenting your Food Pantry Access Pass.

[DUMONT LOCATION ONLY: When you place an order in our Online Pantry system, you will see an Order Summary confirmation message on your screen. Print out the Order Summary and bring it with you when you come to pick up your order. You can also take a screenshot to show on your phone if you do not have access to a printer. You will also receive an email confirmation of your request. You may receive email and text message reminders of your scheduled visit. When you arrive at our site, you can quickly check in by displaying your client UPC code symbol (either printed or on your phone).]

For the Dumont location, you must schedule an appointment and place an order through the client portal for each food distribution event at which you want to receive food. You should log in and check the schedule regularly to see when our food distribution dates are.


If you need to have someone pick up your order on your behalf, both you and that person must sign and submit a Proxy Form. Proxies are allowed for sick and shut-in individuals only. Individual food recipients must designate their proxy in writing on an annual basis. After designating the proxy, the proxy may sign for food at ongoing food distributions. Click here for the Proxy Form.


Although our mission is charitable in nature, you may be refused services if:

  1. You make untrue or inaccurate statements in your registration application form or otherwise provide untrue or inaccurate information for your account.
  2. You are abusive or threatening toward our staff or volunteers.
  3. You fail or refuse to follow the instructions and direction of our staff or volunteers when receiving services (e.g., failing to follow the traffic directions given by staff upon picking up food from us, failure to wear a mask, etc.).
  4. You fail to pick up food that you ordered and/or reserved, without contacting us to advise that you were unable to pick up.


DUMONT LOCATION: Calvary United Methodist Church, 185 W. Madison Ave., Dumont, New Jersey (enter parking lot behind church off Cooper Ave.)

UNION CITY LOCATION: 713 23rd Street, Union City, New Jersey (between Summit Avenue & Central Avenue)

RIDGEFIELD LOCATION: St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church, 555 Prospect Ave., Ridgefield, New Jersey (enter parking lot to the right of church, look for glass entranceway on side of church)

Food Brigade volunteers at work

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