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Volunteer with The Food Brigade

Join the fight against food insecurity!

Would you like to help your neighbors who are hungry and food insecure? Then join the Brigade!

As a volunteer with The Food Brigade, you will provide food, in the form of both prepared meals and fresh and packaged foods, to local families and individuals dealing with hunger and food insecurity. You may assist with food pickup, transport, preparation, distribution, and delivery. An example of a typical operation: families in need drive through our staging area, where volunteers (our "Ground Troops") load their cars with food bags/boxes that have been previously assembled by other volunteers. Simultaneously, food bags/boxes are loaded into the vehicles of volunteer drivers (our "Road Warriors") who deliver the food directly to those who are unable to travel to our distribution site. We also help to stock other local pantries and relief organizations & agencies.

Want to see us in action? To get an idea of our hunger-relief operations, please visit our Facebook Page for details and images of some of our recent events and activities.

Please click the below link to enlist. We look forward to working alongside you in the fight against food insecurity!

Volunteer Guidelines

All volunteers must read and familiarize themselves with our volunteer guidelines:

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Building Use Rules

All volunteers must read and familiarize themselves with the following building rules of our host with respect to our use of the premises: