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Food Brigade President Karen DeMarco featured on NJ Governor's Volunteerism Awards website

Food Brigade President Karen DeMarco being awarded the NJ Governor's Jefferson Award

"It is hard to imagine that any one individual has done more for the hungry in New Jersey, or has helped feed more residents on such a massive scale, than Karen DeMarco."

These are the words about Food Brigade President Karen DeMarco stated on the website of the New Jersey State Governor's Volunteerism Awards.

Honorees of the Volunteerism Award "achieve measurable community impact and represent outstanding acts of public service, without the expectation of recognition or compensation. Recipients demonstrate unique vision, dedication and tenacity of heroic proportion and serve as inspiration for others." Over the past 16 years, around 300 medals have been awarded to New Jersey residents out of more than 10,000 nominations made.

Read more at https://njgovernorsawards.com/karen-demarco.