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Mission + Collaboration = Helping Even More People

Rev. Michelle White with Pres. Karen DeMarco

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, The Food Brigade shared some of our resources with a fellow hunger relief charity, the Hope & Love Food Pantry of Christ Episcopal Church in Teaneck. The donation consisted of 120 jars of Rao's pasta sauce, a case of tomatoes, a case of mushrooms, a case of peppers, and packages of English muffins. We also donated PPE, including 250 adult disposable face masks, 250 children's disposable face masks, and 50 protective face shields.

Thank you to Rev. Michelle White, Johanna Keyser, and the rest of the wonderful volunteers at Christ Episcopal Church for the amazing work you do in supporting the people of Teaneck and the surrounding area. (Pictured: Rev. Michelle White, Pastor of Christ Episcopal Church; Karen DeMarco, President of The Food Brigade Inc.)

Rev. Michelle White and Pres. Karen DeMarco